5G, bees and our power of creation

When you have manifested your intention in this small exercise, it will be send into a quantum leap – a place outside time and space.
In this quantum leap, the effect of your intention will multiply in a complex mathematical logarithm and be stronger – an effect you Human Beings already master at some extend and will evolve in time, when ego will not interfere with your work.
When the intentions reaches a certain mass and the energy of the intention will be radiated into every 5G transmitter in all times and dimensions and change the radiation into compatible frequencies.
So you see – you ARE powerful! And you CAN change the way things are with your intentions.

Now the exercise:

See with your inner eye a blissful place. It is summertime – there are bees, flowers, trees, children playing and grown ups relaxing – talking to each other in a friendly way. There are no worries. Only clear colors, a light energy and a high frequency.

Say: YES! THIS is the future I want for everyone!
See your intention float towards the quantum leap with MANY other beautiful souls intentions and create the result we all long for.

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