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We live in a world from which we feel little and we see almost nothing. Many things that influence and surround us are hidden from our view. We have long forgotten that we are energetic beings and that our functioning is much more complex and more advanced than our physical body machinery.

Indeed, there is more and more information in the “spiritual” domain, more and more people are finding out and providing “new” information and notions, but this domain we currently call it “spiritual” is only partially understood and presented. Many things are hidden and a lot of information is distorted, precisely because people can easily be manipulated when half-truths are served to them.

Many of us are aware, at least at informational level, of beings and entities invisible to the human eye, but who coexist with us in this world. The plans of existence (as a “physical location”) are much more varied than we could imagine in the most fantastic reveries. For sure, all have a purpose, because I assure you that it is a great blessing not to see and not to know too much. But when you are disconnected from the center / heart of your being, the subtle core that sustains and nourishes you, you risk falling prey to some unsuspecting forces that maneuver you and nourish with your energies without you even realizing it.

The spiritual world is largely just a new, finer and subtle way of manipulation. A new trend or a shore towards will run all those who do not know where to go. And here it is the theater of those disguised in white-bearded elders with white robes. The so-called spirituals who cleanse you from the darkness by “taking it inside” them magnanimously, those who are advanced enough (much better than you, of course) that they can receive heavenly messages from the omnipotent beings who govern the universes or, better than that, are themselves the material embodiments of these wonderful beings … Under this “authority” we are served with a lot of extraordinarily beautiful and uplifting information, ideas and words meant to lead us somewhere.

Where exactly? To the paradise on earth, of course. Where, in order to enter, you have to cleanse yourself from all the darkness that fester in you, “open your heart” and “give yourself”. To “be love” and “send love” to all of those you actually want to tell them to fuck off. To “transmute” your fears with the various already patented methods. But basically, not to go astray from the direction you are (gently or not) directed to in order to “save the planet” and “bring heaven to earth”.

Whatever you say or believe, there will always be a valid response, an argument, or a counter-argument to your opinions and actions. Always the truth will be somewhere in the middle, where the individual visions meet on a “reality” of different people.
And we, those who want a better world, those who believe there is something more than what is shown to us on television, the naïves who don’t know too much but we have confidence, those of us who are so empathic that we can not distinguish between our own emotions and those of ones sitting next to us, we, we open our heart.

We give ourSelves. We jump, eyes closed without protective net, because we have the impression that someone will help us. Someone like those who tell us how things works because they know better than us.

But we are not told that in order to open your heart, to lovingly support the reality you perceive, you must be well on your feet. You must have enough force build in you to not break down in the first bursts of negativity. We are told that we do not have to protect ourselves, because we are protected by default, that the desire for protection is a hidden fear that attracts all negative situations, but we are not told that we are really protected only when we re-establish communication with the energy we are, only when we cut off the crutches which we rely on others (maybe weaker than us) and only when we ask for help. Not to unseen beings, characters, archangels, gods, gurus or other entities that inhabit the seen and unseen dimensions.

I can’t tell you who to ask for help, one finds it by entering inside themselves and feeling it. Not by thinking, not by rationalizing, nor designing, not even meditating – which has become a modern routine of temporary embezzlement from the daily stress. True answers never come from outside, and are not in the form of words. At some point, when a desire for truth awakens in the heart of your being, things happen that unveil the masks and all that is false is revealed.

When you make peace within yourself, beyond the countless fears that deafen you, beyond the unceasing agitation of thoughts and minds, only then you can feel. Feel Your Self. Feeling YourSelf in relation to the world in which you exist (non)temporary.

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