Back to Nature

Crucial wisdom from Bill Mollison. “How does rebellion REALLY look like?”

1. Learn to plant, not only an orchard, but also basic crops (corn, grain, cassava, etc. ) and trees (fruit, native, woody);⁣

2. Create a bond with some land, whether it’s yours or that of a relative, a project, a community garden, etc. Participate with the people who live there, go gradually looking for ways to spend more time in the countryside than in the city, learning to plant, purify water, treat organic waste and heal in nature;⁣

3. Develop practical skills (cooking, carpentry, machine repair, food processing, sewing, etc. ).⁣
Teach these skills to children, friends and neighbors;⁣

4. Seek a mutual support group, where people take care of each other, make products of basic need collectively, such as natural hygiene products, natural remedies such as syrups and herbal tinctures, food processing, such as preserved and fermented foods;⁣

5. Simplify your life now, releasing more space and time. Discover everything you can do without money, walk, exercises, crafts and body arts, socialize with your loved ones, gardening;⁣

6. Separate from the logic of consuming more and more. They prefer handmade products that last a long time, quality, made by small producers, social companies and solidarity economic companies. Make exchanges, give and receive gifts of affective value, rather than financial value;⁣

7. Exchange, store, multiply and spread creole seeds (native, not genetically modified, produced by popular and family farming);⁣

8. Recognize that life will be much better afterwards! We’re just transitioning. “Our creativity is the limit of the system”. ⁣

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