Fight time is over

I had such a stirred up day today. I was angry without any apparent reason. …or because there are MANY reasons…
I can feel so much and it’s so overwhelming or annoying sometimes. Sitting between worlds, living my human life.
So I said today, after a strong Aaaaarrrghhh!!! 😤
I had enough!!
Enough with all this news! Enough with all this agitation! Enough with all this “we must fight” “we must win” “we are warriors” “they must be punished” “we are their victims” “they are the bad guys” “someone must save us” “we are doomed”
Enough with all this fear! Enough with all this doomsday “prophecies”! Enough with “We are going to die” “They will do this to and that to us”!
And after that, this fkin fb with its fkin fact checkers that censor the articles I share.
Enough with the censorship! Enough with the limitations!
And with a vivid feeling of “I hate this fukin’ shit” I started to block (from settings) all fact checkers that I could find. I blocked more than a dozen of those little censorshits, while my mind repeated for everyone of them “I hate it, I hate that!”
Aaaand…. After a few steps like that, I started to feel something. Something different.
And I felt to stop and rewind. I look at every one of those that I was blocking and I felt compassion and understanding. I started to wish to everyone of them to be wise. To receive love, and the light of true knowledge. That their eyes, their minds, their hearts open.
I understood them.
I understand them.
I trust myself and the decision I made before coming here, in this life.
I trust the Divine order and I surrender.
No more fight for me. I’ve done that. It’s over. It’s time to move on to another way of being.

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